Everlasting Comfort Meditation Seat Cushions

Everlasting Comfort Meditation Seat Cushions

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Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion, Orthopedic Design to Relieve Back, Sciatica, Coccyx and Tailbone Pain – Perfect for Your Office Desk Chair

These Comfort Memory Foam Meditation Seat Cushions, are perfect for use with your Wheelchair, Car, Truck, or Office Chair. They are also great for your Meditation and Yoga Sessions.

Everlasting Comfort Meditation Seat Cushions
For those employees and employers who work in an office all day, office work is often packaged with back and leg pain.

The same can be said for any occupation or activity that requires long hours of sitting; so in order to stay sharp at work and feel pain-free, comfort is key.

The comfort memory foam seat cushion unites both comfort and support with their unique shape and sturdy structure.

The cushion measurements allows it to work on various seats and chairs, as well as on the ground.

They provide comfort aid for the back, thighs, posterior, and hips.

Supporting your hips with weight distribution, posture correction, proper balance, and spine alignment.

And also encourages proper alignment for those times when you want to meditate in your office chair!

Even though the cushions doesn’t compress while you sit on it, it folds and fits easily into a drawstring bag, so you can take it with you wherever you go.  

With the tapers that rise in the front and back of the seat cushions, they comfortably cradles the lower body.

Because the cushion does cradle the body, it can also help alleviate discomfort associated with sciatic nerve, hemorrhoid, prostate, lower and upper back, and pregnancy pains.

With its non-slip bottom, the seat doesn’t require constant readjustment.

In addition, the comfort cushion features a bowling-pin cutout in the center that provides ample ventilation, so you don’t have to worry about overheating as you sit.

Happy butt, means a happy you!!!

Excellent ventilation and constant support make the cushion a luxury for long road trips. It positions your legs straight and helps maintain circulation.

No need to make those extra stops to stretch your legs.

A word of caution, however, is needed.

Before you make that extended trip, be sure to check that the seat cushion doesn’t place you too high on the car seat.

It’s also a great seat cushion for wheel chairs, yoga, meditation, and relaxation.

No matter how long you sit, you won’t get pressure sores.

The black velour cushion cover is removable, thanks to the  zipper, and is machine washable.

And then, thanks again to the full-circle zipper, the cushion fits easily back in.

Everlasting Comfort Meditation Seat Cushions

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