Worrying About Stressful Situations Affects Your Health

Worrying About Stressful Situations Affects Your Health

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Worrying about Worrying and Everything Else You Cannot Control.

Thinking About a Problem or Wondering What’s Going to Happen Isn’t the Same Thing as Worrying About It.

When it crosses the line is when you begin to “what if.”

You might “what if” about an event, a person or an unknown future.

Worrying About Stressful Situations Affects Your Health
Plenty of people will “what if” in their mind.

Unfortunately, most of them create all sorts of “what ifs” that have a negative aspect to the thoughts.

From that negative “what if” can spring a ton of stress that can turn into long term stress if the habit isn’t broken.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking “what if” when you’re trying to brainstorm and come up with a purpose or a plan to deal with stress.

But if you do random “what ifs” where you let your mind wonder from one bad possibility to the next, this is futile and can even be bad for your health.


This kind of “what iffing” is a stagnant process that doesn’t get you anywhere.

It’s like sitting in a rocking chair moving back and forth and expecting to get from point A to point B.

This negative “what iffing” doesn’t help anything and all you gain is fear and a sense of foreboding about the situation or your future.

When you engage in unproductive, negative “what ifs,” you can start to experience a host of various health problems.

You can develop headaches or stomachaches. You might start to encounter muscle problems.

Worrying about stress is bad for your heart health.

When you worry about stress, studies have shown that this habit is known to cause high blood pressure, tachycardia and shortness of breath.


Worrying About Stress Can Even Cause Heart Disease.

The reason that it can do this is because when you worry about stressful situations, your body gets an influx of stress hormones.

Having a regular dose of stress hormones puts additional pressure on your heart because of the high blood pressure that goes hand in hand with raised stress hormones.

Besides affecting your body’s health in a myriad of ways, worrying about stress affects your emotional health and your mental health, too.

If you worry about stressful situations to the point that it becomes an ongoing habit, you can be at risk of having a mental breakdown.

This usually happens when thinking about and dealing with stress reaches the point where a person simply can’t deal with it any longer.


When that happens, he or she can lose the ability to go about their day as they normally would.

It’s an abnormal response to stress that’s linked with worrying about stressful situations and feeling like there’s no relief for the stress in sight.

When worrying about stressful situations reaches the point where someone is having trouble eating and begins to deal with insomnia, that’s the point where something must be done immediately to alleviate the worry.



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