How The Padma Seat Eliminates Lower Back Pain

How The Padma Seat Eliminates Lower Back Pain

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The Padma Seat Supports Effortless Sitting and Meditating in the Lotus Asana position

The Padma Seat — Meditating in the different yoga sitting positions for extended periods of time can challenge anyone.

How The Padma Seat Eliminates Lower Back Pain
Padma Seat – Best Yoga Seat Strap, Meditation Seat Stool Cushion Belt, Support for Effortless Sitting & Meditation in the Lotus Asana position.

Back pain, poor back alignment, joint pain —and a lack of focus brought on by those ailments — can disrupt your meditation time and bring discomfort.

One solution to those problems; however, is finding the perfect “seat.”

For yogi masters, yoga enthusiasts, or casual meditators, the Padma Seat, a waist-support belt, provides ideal structure for your back, waist and abdomen.

It assists in developing better strength and flexibility.

Made from durable and flexible parachute silk and webbing, the Padma Seat helps balance the body for long-term relaxation.

The Padma Seat centers your body’s physical positioning, helps you avoid muscular fatigue and eliminates any discomfort in your lower back.

It also strengthens those lower back and abdominal muscles and rejuvenates your body as you sit effortlessly in harmony with your body’s correct alignment.

The material wraps around the lower back and cups both knees, forming a sort of triangle around the lower body.

It can be tightened or loosened, as you desire, thanks to the adjustable belt that stretches from knee to knee.


When tightened and adjusted to perfection, the Seat effectively helps you maintain whatever sitting asana or position you’re in, e.g. Lotus, half Lotus, Burmese position, cross legged, etc.


Avoid muscular fatigue and eliminate discomfort...


Padma Seat is Your Must Have Meditation Accessory.

It is a Revolutionary Spinal Support Device specifically designed for prolonged cross-legged, upright sitting position.


* Surrounding support for crossed leg sitting
* Support knees so to relax the hips
* Hips & Spinal Support, takes the stress our of cross legged sitting
* Art of natural sitting, balances the body for longer sitting
* Improves sitting crossed leg position
* Prolonged meditation for deeper experience
* Helps open and release blocked energy centres
* Encourages proper alignment
* Helps improve and balance energy systems
* Meditation anywhere, everywhere


As for sizing, it is not “one size fits all.

The sizes run like so:

extra small (120 to 130 cm);
small (130 to 140 cm);
medium (140 to 150 cm);
large (150 to 160 cm);
and extra-large (160 to 170 cm).

The size you choose does not depend on your weight.


Here is how to find the best Seat size, just for you:

1. Sit in cross-legged position

2. Using a tape measure, measure the distance from one kneecap, around the back, to the other kneecap.

Be sure to measure carefully so that you select the Seat size that will suit you.

And if you land on one of the cusp measurements — like 140 — and are uncertain which size to use, try the size up.

If it’s too big, the strap can be shortened.

How The Padma Seat Eliminates Lower Back Pain


Strengthens your posterior core and abdominal muscles...


How to use Padma Seat.

The purpose for the Padma Seat is to give surrounding support to the knees, hips and spine while meditating.

Balancing the whole body, when sitting on a flat surface or elevated on a cushion.

Providing comfort for long term sitting and meditation practices.

Relaxing the body into a comfortable balance,

Padma seat helps you sit comfortably keeping your spine more centered and erect preventing spine curvature.

It allows you to feel a sensation of almost floating on air.

Therefore making it possible to go deeper into one’s personal meditation practice.


For meditators on the go, the Padma Seat is transportable and convenient.

It folds down to roughly the size of a mini umbrella.

It comes in a reusable bag that easily fits in a purse, travel bag, or even a pocket.

The Padma Seat comes in three colors: maroon, turquoise and white.


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