Sinking Meditation for Fight or Flight Instructions

Sinking Meditation for Fight or Flight Instructions

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Sinking Meditation Survival for Fight or Flight Response.

Too often during the day we are in fight or flight mode without even realizing it.

Sinking Meditation for Fight or Flight Instructions

The fight or flight response is important to our survival, but we live in that mode much more frequently than we need to.

This causes tension in the body and in the mind.

Take a few minutes to step out of that automatic response that you unconsciously go into when you are at work or busy during the day.

A few minutes is all you need.

  • Simply put your feet flat on the ground and close your eyes.
  • Allow your body to sink into your office chair.
  • Imagine you are melting like an ice cube into the chair.
  • Feel the sensation of your sitting bones sinking in.
  • Now notice the feeling of the back of your thighs and your back on the chair.
  • Just slowly relax each of these areas so they can sink down into the chair.
  • Know that you are safe—the chair can hold your entire weight.
  • Imagine in your mind’s eye that you trust the chair and are fully relaxed into it.
  • Now, see the chair being supported by the floor and know the floor can support your full weight.
  • Notice how you sink even deeper into your chair.
  • Know the floor is supported by the foundation of the building and that you can relax your body even further because the foundation can support you.
  • Finally, see the foundation of the building being supported by the Earth. Recognize that you are literally being supported by the Earth, and allow yourself to sink even further into the chair while all of your muscles relax.
  • Sit for a few moments appreciating the sensations.

By doing this meditation consistently, you will begin to notice when you have gone into fight or flight mode so that you can adjust and relax.


Grounding 5 Minute Meditation by Amanda Louise Medium

Grounding is designed to connect our energy with the energy of the earth.

There are many benefits of grounding from stress relief to health.

I designed this quick the go meditation which can be done anytime anywhere and it only takes 5 minutes.

So when you are feeling overwhelmed give yourself the chance to get grounded.

Courtesy of Amanda Louise Medium



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