Meditations for Difficult Times by Tara Brach

Meditations for Difficult Times by Tara Brach

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Finding True Refuge: Meditations for Difficult Times by Tara Brach

When we find ourselves “lost,” amid the usual (and not so usual) anxieties of adult life, it is easy to become overwhelmed and stuck.

Meditations for Difficult Times by Tara Brach 
Fear, confusion and anger are some of the conditioned reactions to feeling overwhelmed.

Others include addictive behaviors, violent actions, and misplaced judgment.

Those reactions only exacerbate our anxieties.


What other ways can we find to lift ourselves out of those negative feelings?

Tara Brach — renowned American psychologist, teacher of Buddhist meditation, and founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, D.C.—teaches that “in any moment, no matter how lost we feel, we can take refuge in presence and love.”

In Brach’s book Finding True Refuge: Meditations for Difficult Times, which she authored and narrated, she provides three sessions of spiritual teachings and practices to help you find inner peace and sanctuary.

We tend to seek comfort in things Brach calls “false refuges.”


Those false sanctuaries only provide temporary relief.

They do not help us feel safe, secure, content, loved, or appreciated.

Brach says that false refuges aren’t morally bad (don’t worry!); we just become misguided in our attempts to find solace.

The false refuges can range from innocuous to destructive.

She encourages us to turn away from false refuges like material wealth, sex, drug and alcohol abuse, and self-blame, and to face the refuges of the self.


To understand true refuge, we need to see how our energies get derailed.

Dr. Brach also reveals how the three gateways of refuge — truth, love, and awareness—allow us to draw on our own deepest wisdom.

In addition, the book offers eight guided meditations that include exercises that will help:

  • Cultivate non-judgmental, present-centered attention
  • Use RAIN process for releasing fear and healing through self-compassion
  • Release our desires for control and certainty
  • Develop a forgiving heart for ourselves and others

Brach further supplies encouragement by claiming that she has seen people in the worst places emotionally find their way home.


Building emotional awareness and acceptance even through tough times...


So anyone who is willing to give the time and effort to finding true refuge will find it.

A true refuge, as Brach describes it, is something or several somethings that make us feel safe; something that is always there.

Our true refuge,” Brach narrates, “Must be intrinsic to what we are.

Brach teaches that you can love life by awakening the vitality in yourself, and that you can love yourself too. “…

It’s possible to find peace; it’s possible to love this life, no matter what.”

Finding True Refuge: Meditations for Difficult Times comes in Audible and audio CD formats.

The audio CD can be purchased used or new. It runs three hours and 30 minutes long.


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