How to Use Essential Oils With Reiki

How to Use Essential Oils With Reiki

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Using Essential Oils With Reiki for Healing. 

Reiki Essential Oils – When you first hear about reiki, you may not know what to expect.

When you go to your reiki therapist, you may be interested to find they use a number of methods to help push the reiki along and help boost its healing.

One of these methods is to use essential oils.

Before you start grabbing up oils, there are a few things you need to know about how to use them in your self-healing reiki practice to help boost your reiki healing.


Find the Right Essential Oils for the Chakras

When you use essential oils for your daily life, for things like relaxation or allergies, you find the ones that work for those specific issues.

The same can be said for essential oils with your chakras.

Your first step to using essential oils with reiki is finding the right oils that match your chakras and help open them for the therapy.

One way to do this is to find oils that are specifically blended and labeled for each chakra.

These may be labeled by the color of the chakra or by the name of the chakra.

You can find these blends at most health food and natural healing stores.

How to Use Essential Oils With Reiki

Pulse Points and Topical Application

Topical applications of the oils are generally best for reiki work.

These topical locations are usually along the pulse points of the body.

The reason you hear about pulse points so much and so often when using essential oils is because of the natural way the oils are delivered into your nasal pages and into your skin.

While the oils are entering your skin, each time your pulse moves your skin your oils are also pulsing and releasing more of their scent.

Make sure you are using the oils on the wrists, neck, and other pulse points like the temples.

Common Oils for Diffusing or Topical Use

You may be wondering what oils may be good to start off with and why.

Sandalwood is a common oil and can be found at most natural healing and health stores. This oil is ideal for crown and root healing.

Frankincense is a go to oil that can be used for all your chakras. If you are on a limited budget and need an all-in-one option this may be ideal.

Rose oil can be used for the heart and sacral chakras.

Geranium oil though sometimes hard to find, can be used for any healing dealing with depression or emotional instability.

Finally, Pine oil can be used in issues where chakra alignment issues have lead to self-loathing issues.


By using these methods, and the right oils, you will find that your self-healing reiki sessions have a larger benefit on your life.

You may notice increased amount of healing or that self-healing lasts longer between meetings with your normal reiki therapist.



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