How Stress Can Affect Your Teeth and Jaws

How Stress Can Affect Your Teeth and Jaws

Did You Know That Stress Can Affect Your Teeth?

Jaws closed tightly and teeth grinding loudly. These indicate that the times are testing our patience.

Tension caused by such things as job insecurity, inflation and identity crises among men and women is reflected in abnormal, potentially harmful mouth movements.

It is getting common for adults to exhibit a condition known as bruxism, where adults grind their teeth and clench their jaws while asleep.

Jaw joints clicking is turning out to be common neuromuscular problem since it is the cause of headaches and ear pain.

One of the findings of studies done on bruxism is that women over the 40 age bracket are more susceptible to the condition than men are.

When it comes to releasing tension, it looks as if men reflect it through stomach problems while women reflect it through mouth problems.

Though the problem can’t be cured through orthodontics, the frustrations causing the tension must be dealt with to effect a cure, damage to the teeth can be prevented by methods that include wearing a plastic retainer or a jaw strap while one sleeps.

Bruxism and other dental problems are what orthodontists are trying to figure out nowadays.

For the past several years, the field of orthodontics is focusing now on more than just the straightening of teeth for beauty purposes.

The bone, muscle, jaw, lips, and tongue are the focus of several techniques and theories that have recently emerged.

How Stress Can Affect Your Teeth and Jaws

Adolescent dental problems are not the only problems orthodontics deal with because this area of dentistry relates to a lot of adults too. Caution should be observed by orthodontists when dealing with adult patients.

Children have more flexible tissues compared to adults.

Reconstructing severe deformities due to protruding jaws, lip and palate clefts, and the like is possible now that more advances have been made in combining both plastic surgery and orthodontics.

About 66 percent of the orthodontic cases treated each year have something to do with problems involving the growth of the jaw.

The jaw is often the master of the teeth.

The teeth will usually follow when you put the jaw where it’s supposed to be. In the event that restructuring through surgery for the underdeveloped jaw is not possible, corrective appliances may be used so that proper jaw growth is still guided.

People may or may not choose to have orthodontics done, but they should know that it can also be preventive.

Improper tongue thrust, a condition that could develop among thumb suckers, may lead to improper swallowing and even problems in speech.

End Dental Stress and Anxiety

Relax your face muscles instantly with this face meditation

Relax your face…relax your mind. We can hold so much tension in face muscles so it is important to take time to relieve facial tension.

The position of teeth may change because of the tongue.

The lower jaw experiences upward and downward forces exerted on it when chinstraps are worn, thus correcting abnormal bite.

Jaw joint problems, loss of teeth, and bone damage could occur as a result of bad bite.

Dental devices have improved in the cosmetic sense because the materials used in making them have been improved as well.

The effective metal braces often loses to plastic when discussing aesthetics, but in terms of effectivity, the former wins.

What orthodontists are widely utilizing now for their services is the laminagraph, a new radiography apparatus.

One sixth the amount of radiation is used by the laminagraph when it is used to fire that single shot that gets an Xray of the entire total dentofacial region.

Laminagraphy will not replace the use of individual X rays in locating tooth decay, but it will create better diagnoses.


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