Finding Peace From Trauma With Meditation

Finding Peace From Trauma With Meditation

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Trauma and Meditation Finding Peace in the Aftermath of Tragedy. 

The number of people who have experienced trauma and/or abuse is alarmingly high.

Trauma and grief are constantly associated with the behavior and mental health of a person, whether in childhood or in your current life situation.

The stress that our brains feel when we encounter a traumatic event will fundamentally change the way we communicate with others and how we experience the world from then on.

Many kinds of trauma change the way our brains are wired physically.

Within our brains, the neural pathways form response networks to particular stimuli.

This can cause incredible strain on us as we struggle to live with a “new normal.”


Fortunately, the hope of healing is there.

The neural networks are flexible, no matter how difficult our experiences may be.

We can work to restore our equilibrium and rework our minds ‘ connections with the onset of trauma.

And we can gain control of our emotional and mental integrity once again in doing so.


Many types of trauma benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a way to help us replace bad thoughts with good thoughts so that symptoms and negative emotions are not as overwhelming

Meditation can be a great way to focus your emotions and achieve more masterful control of your feelings.


By using meditation we will take the time to calm down and breathe if we feel ourselves upset by a situation we experience.

We can create a happy space, or, more specifically, a safe place in our imaginations, away from the negative emotions that accompany each reminder of our trauma.


Mindfulness meditation is a particularly effective tool for treating PTSD and other trauma problems.

It’s a means of disconnecting oneself from bad experiences and reflecting on the present moment.

In doing so, we start redirecting our brains and enabling our neural pathways to form new paths away from the triggering event and into a greater depth of calm.


A loving kindness meditation is also a great way to help your mind recover from the pain of trauma and abuse.

If you’ve experienced something that makes you feel unworthy, loving kindness meditation can help you feel more comfortable with yourself and find compassion for your shortcomings.

It helps you to evolve in a healthy and honest way.

Finding Peace From Trauma With Meditation

Healing emotional abuse meditation.

Trauma and abuse can also leave us feeling very angry, which is another benefit of meditation on loving kindness.

This method of meditation will help us find the ability to forgive the unforgivable and encourage us to let go of past hurts and reflect on a life of forgiveness and rebirth.


Regardless of what we’ve experienced, meditation is a big step in achieving strength, calm, and healing from past hurts.

We can learn to forgive the harm we have suffered and create a safe space where with confidence and understanding we can move forward with our lives.

You can do it!



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