Cleanse Your Aura By Using Reiki

Cleanse Your Aura By Using Reiki

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If you have started down a path of meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing you may have heard about your aura.

Your aura is the energy around your body.

This energy can be seen by others, especially empaths and reiki professionals.

The energy can sometimes show darker or in a mode where it shows it needs to be cleansed.

This is a sign that your chakras may be out of line or need cleansing in order to keep you on a track of well-being.


Here are ways that reiki can help with cleansing your aura.


Cleanse Your Aura By Using Reiki
Open Your Chakras

The first step to cleansing your aura using reiki is to open your chakras.

Part of this step is calming and meditation.

You will need to be in a calm frame of mind and relaxed.

Ideally, you will be laying down on your back with your back and neck supported to prevent strain or pain that will have you close off during this healing.

In addition to be relaxed, you will also want to use the environment to assist you.

Use essential oils designed for your chakras, or use frankincense to help open all of your chakras.

Also, use a soothing dark and cool room that is either silent or with a light instrumental music you find calming.

Start at the Root

One of the misconceptions that people may have about cleansing your aura is to start at the crown.

The key to keep in mind is that the crown is the final point of the chakras and shows the alignment, or lack thereof, of all the chakras.

It is best to start at the root and work on realigning and cleansing each chakra.

Keep in mind that the aura is made of all the colors of the chakras.

If one is not cleansed, it will throw off the aura itself.

Cleansing each one from the root to the crown is the ideal option.


Work Slowly Through the Issue

Cleansing your aura means that you are focusing on the problems and the blocks that are preventing your energy from flowing through the body.

When you become attuned to reiki healing, specifically self healing, you will be able to feel the points at which energy is blocked.


These blocks are what is preventing the aura from cleansing.

Take your time, focus on the blocks, remove them, and you will cleanse the aura.

These methods can be done in a self-healing reiki practice, but may be more beneficial if you go through a reiki professional who is certified and has experience in aura cleansing.

This will ensure that your aura is cleansed and your chakras are balanced.




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