What Are The Workplace Stressors That Causes Stress At Work

What Are The Workplace Stressors That Causes Stress At Work

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What Are the Main Causes of Stress at Work</h2>

Causes Stress At Work — Stress in the workplace is an extremely common thing that most people have to face.

Stress is inevitable for most workplaces, but the key is to learn how to control it.

You can manage stress and keep it to a minimum if you recognize the factors that can lead to stress in your workplace and utilize ways to minimize the effect they can have on you.


Here are some of the common stressors in the workplace and ways to handle them:

What Are The Workplace Stressors That Causes Stress At Work
Rude co-workers

Most of us have had to deal with rude co-workers at one time or another.

Having to be exposed to that rudeness can cause a lot of stress for anyone, making their job performance suffer needlessly.

There are a few ways to handle this kind of situation.

First of all, decide if it’s something that really bothers you or not.

Sometimes just ignoring them is all you need to do your job effectively.

When ignoring them doesn’t work, you may want to try talking the situation out with them.

Sometimes, they may not even know that they’re coming across as being rude.

Getting it out in the open relieves that added stress.

If that doesn’t help, you’ll have to go to your boss and tell them what’s going on and that it’s been affecting your work.

Sometimes they’ll take a hold of the situation themselves in order for things to run smoothly.

Mean boss

Maybe it’s not a rude co-worker you’re dealing with, but a mean boss.

Putting up with a boss that makes you miserable can be very stressful.

You’ll want to try talking with them first to see if that helps the situation.

If that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to go over their head to someone else and tell them what’s going on.

Keep a list of the things the boss has said and done and share it with an HR person or whomever you discuss your problem with.

There’s no reason to have to put up with that at the workplace when it’s not warranted.

It’ll cause too much stress for you and make your job performance slide.

Most companies will work with you to resolve the problem.

What Are The Workplace Stressors That Causes Stress At Work

What Are The Workplace Stressors That Causes Stress At Work

Huge workload

Having more work than you can handle can make stress inevitable.

Take on only what you can handle at one time.

Ask for help from others and be willing to reciprocate and help them when they need it.

A lot of things can be accomplished with teamwork.

Stress in the workplace can come from many other sources as well.

Learn what causes your stress and find out how to work through it.

Your workplace can be a stressful environment, but don’t let that stress get the best of you.

Causes of Workplace Stress

Stress Management for the Workplace

While stress is inevitably a part of any work related issues, excessive stress is not.

When you are stressed, you are not only a magnet to all types of sickness’, you are also invoking liability and inefficiency.

This is because, when you are physically and emotionally imbalanced, your ability to deal with things is less effective and your resistance to sickness is also extremely low.

Employees have different levels of stress compared to business owners because they don’t have the same major responsibilities like the owner of the company.

Therefore, we can’t say that only employees can experience stress because in the bigger picture, owners and managers too have their own daily struggles and stressors.

Physical symptoms:
* Fatigue.
* Muscular tension.
* Headaches or Migraine.
* Heart rate and Blood pressure increases.
* Digestion slows.
* Breathing rate accelerates and becomes difficult.
* Perspiration increases.
* Blood clotting agents are released.
* Sleep disturbances, insomnia.
* Diarrhea or Constipation.
* Skin Rashes etc.

Emotional symptoms:
* Depression.
* Anxiety.
* Anger.
* Irritability.
* Fearfulness.
* Hostility.
* Overeating.
* Uncontrollable crying.

Mental symptoms:
* Reduced concentration.
* Distractibility.
* Cognitive impairment.
* Disruptive or Morbid thoughts.
* Low self-esteem.
* Racing thoughts.
* Negative thinking.

Below are the most notable stressors and causes of stress at work that employees and managers must be conscious of at all times:


1. The main cause of stress is being overworked.

Even the most outstanding employee will definitely feel pressured when bombarded with work within a very limited period of time.

While this is irrational, it happens all the time.


2. On the contrary, there are also employees who will feel stressed when given fewer responsibilities.

Especially when what they see all around them are instances of termination and lay-offs.

Apparently, they don’t want to be caught doing nothing in case they are the next candidate for dismissal.


3. The threat of losing a job is one of the major causes of stress at work.

With the state of our economy today, job security does not come as a constant.

Sometimes, lay-offs are done in the greater part, while hiring just ended.


4. Promotion is also one of the causes of stress at work.

In most cases, employees normally get bored with their daily job and therefore they would want to experience more challenging work for greater compensation.

However, getting into the next level can be stressful knowing that there is not only one person aiming for promotion but almost all of the other employees who are as capable in terms of their work performance.


“Work is the refuge of those that have nothing better to do. —  Oscar Wilde


5. Another cause of stress at work is doing the wrong job.

If you are working at something that you do not know, it will surely burn you out.

Above all, if you are hesitant to ask for help from someone you know who can help you with your dilemma, because you don’t want to be perceived as being incompetent, you just doubled your stress levels.


6. Bad management can also be a serious form of work stress.

If the head of the organization cannot lead his or her team, chances are subordinates will feel lost and aimless.

This situation can leave the team wandering and stagnant.


7. Poor working atmosphere can also be a reason why employees get stressed.

Of course no one is comfortable working with broken office equipment, insufficient lighting, noisy environments, uncomfortable furniture and more.


8. No proper support system can also be a source of employees stress.

This is because, a lot of things happen inside the office and when things get worse; someone needs to stand up and help resolve the issues in a proper procedure.



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