3 Minute Short Walking Meditation Instructions

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The 3 Minute Short Walking Meditation for Stress Relief.

If you work at a desk, it’s all too easy to stay sitting in one position for hours at a time.

Set a timer to remind yourself to get up and walk, just down the hall to the restroom or water fountain and back to your desk.

Using an app like Simple Pomodoro helps you remember to do this.

  • Walk at a slower pace than normal. While you are walking, focus on the feeling of your foot touching the ground with each step.
  • Feel the sensations of all of the micro-movements your feet have to make so that you can walk. You might even feel deep appreciation for the ability of your feet to make these movements.
  • When your mind starts thinking about something other than the sensations of walking, gently notice and bring it back.

Getting up and moving mindfully every 25-30 minutes will help keep your blood flowing so you are more productive when working, plus it will keep your muscles from tightening up.

As an extra bonus, you will have the extra goodness of clearing your mind from the projects in your to-do pile.


3 Minute Short Walking Meditation Instructions

Smiling and Walking Meditations

Every once in a while when your bell app chimes, get up and take a walk down the hall or to get a drink of water.

Walk more slowly than normal.

Walk with aimlessness, even though you are walking to reach a specific location.

While you walk, smile. Just a small smile will do.

Notice as you pass people that when they see your smile, they smile in return.

Focus on your breath with each step.

When your mind wanders to something other than the sensations of walking and smiling, just gently bring it back to focus on those two sensations.   


Longer Walking Meditation: Instructions and Benefits Explained by Mindah-Lee Kumar (The Enthusiastic Buddhist)

Walking meditation is a great practice for those of us who experience pain or discomfort when doing sitting meditation.

At full day retreats, it is common to interchange sitting and walking meditation so that one hour sitting meditation is followed by half an hour walking meditation.

Walking meditation can increase our concentration and mindfulness especially when our mind is extremely distracted or agitated.

In this video I give some simple instructions on my favorite walking meditation technique and I explain the benefits of practicing walking meditation in general.

Courtesy of Mindah-Lee Kumar (The Enthusiastic Buddhist)



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