3 Minute Meditation for Mindful Listening Instructions

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Active Mindful Listening Meditation for Beginners.

Have you ever noticed how many judging thoughts you have when listening?

3 Minute Meditation for Mindful Listening Instructions

You might be disagreeing in your mind with the person you are talking to, believing they don’t understand the situation.

Or you judge that the sound coming from the highway is too loud and is affecting your concentration.

  • Pick a random song that you have never heard before from Pandora or another online station (YouTube works too).
  • Put on your headphones and listen to every nuance of the song.
  • Feel the beat reverberating in your body.
  • Tap your foot along with the beat.
  • Really hear the song by focusing all of your listening ability and mind on it, and only it, until the song is over.
  • Let the music wash over you.
  • Notice your thoughts about it. Is it different than you thought it would be? Is it pleasant? Unpleasant?
  • Notice that you had an expectation about the song based on the title, the musician’s name or the genre it was categorized in. What judging thoughts came up while you were listening?

There’s no need to change your thoughts, just notice them.


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